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Based on the wonderful feedback we've received from our cherished customers about our sound healing products, we're absolutely delighted to announce the introduction of our pre-order option! Pre-order your favourite crystal singing bowls and more NOW on our website! Dive into the celestial sounds of pure bliss and elevate your space with our beloved products. This is your chance to benefit from the opportunity to buy high-quality products from our shop. Pay just half now and the other half after approximately two weeks when the products arrive. Don’t miss out on this harmonious opportunity!

Tarot Cards

The Tarot card deck is one of the most widely used divination tools in the world nowadays. Tarot decks were invented in Italy in the 1430s by adding a fifth suit of 21 specially illustrated cards called trionfi ("triumphs") and an odd card called il matto ("the fool") to the existing four-suited pack.

Explore here some of our favourite Tarot and Oracle decks that we brought in our online shop, hope you will like them. Many more to come soon so stay tuned!

Sound Healing

Sound healing has traditionally been used in societies all over the world, from Australian aboriginal tribes that have been using the didgeridoo as a sound healing instrument for over 40,000 years to Tibetan and Himalayan singing bowl spiritual rites. Music was used to treat mental disorders, according to ancient Greek literature. Gongs were used as healing instruments as early as 16,000BC; they were thought to have spiritual connections and became symbols of status and success.

We invite you to explore the sound healing instruments section in our online store where you can find different instruments that can help you on your journey to discover the power of sound therapy.

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Welcome, dear spiritual healers, self-healers, inner explorers, and esoterically aligned beings! Prepare to ignite the transformative power within you and craft a life of profound beauty and harmony through our online sanctuary of holistic spiritual supplies.

Designed with your soul's desires in mind, our all-encompassing store offers an exceptional selection of items to elevate your spiritual journey – from radiant crystal jewellery to captivating meditation candles.

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Crystal Quartz Ethically Sourced

The Products We Offer

Step into our mystical emporium and embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and healing. Our lovingly curated collection of treasures features an enchanting assortment of healing crystals, soothing sound healing aids, and much more!

Unearth rare healing tumbled stones, bedazzling crystal clusters, mesmerizing geodes, and handcrafted carvings. Immerse yourself in the transcendent harmonies of our Tibetan singing bowls, purify your space with our fragrant incense and powerful smudging products, and delve into the world of divination with tarot cards and other magical tools. Adorn yourself with crystal pendants and bracelets, and illuminate your soul with our enchanting candles.

Every gem in our virtual trove is ethically sourced, handpicked, and infused with love, ensuring exceptional quality and potent energy for each and every seeker who graces our online abode. Experience unparalleled wonder and transformation as you embrace the enchanting power of our offerings, elevating your spirit to newfound heights. Welcome, dear friend, to our haven of wonder and healing.

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Our Mission

Welcome to Evolve Yourself, where our burning desire is to nurture your spirit and elevate your life with our lovingly curated, high-vibration, omnipotent holistic gem of a shop! We're fiercely committed to providing you the finest spiritual treasures without breaking the bank. Through our offerings, we yearn to infuse your world with boundless joy, electrifying vitality, and blissful serenity.

Your voice matters to us! Feel the call to share your thoughts, wisdom, or desires for magical products? Connect with us and let your soul sing!

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Ignite your soul and awaken your inner power with Evolve Yourself, a divine sanctuary created in 2020 by the enchanting certified Theta Healer Practitioner, Elena Balan. Embark on a mystical journey as you explore a treasure trove of sacred offerings, from mesmerizing healing crystals to ethereal frosted crystal singing bowls and transformative sound healing products.

At Evolve Yourself, our burning passion for holistic healing opens the door for you to embrace a higher level of consciousness and truly flourish. Leap into a world of wonder and unveil your true potential! Unleash the magic within - it's time to

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