Evolve Yourself is the place to shop for your favorite spiritual products, including healing crystals, frosted crystal singing bowls, sound healing products, and much more. Born out of a deep desire to share our intimate passion and experience with the nature of these holistic healing products, Evolve Yourself is the destination for purchasing items that propel you towards greater awakening.

evolve your body, mind and spirit!

Evolve Yourself

Welcome to Evolve Yourself & Thank You For Joining Us!

My name is Elena Balan, and I had founded Evolve Yourself in 2020 to share my intense passion for crystals and alternative therapies with people like you all around the world!

It is with the greatest pleasure I’d like to introduce you to the magical world of healing crystals, sound healing products, and other holistic healing items through our online store.

Since I could remember, the mystical world of crystals has piqued my curiosity. Each time I touch or see a crystal, I feel a profound sense of respect and I instantly form a bond with it.

Not surprisingly, I went on to pursue ancient wisdom surrounding these mystical objects and eventually became a Certified Theta Healer Practitioner.

I also have learned how to incorporate crystals into my private therapy and meditation sessions leading to an even deeper level of understanding about their healing properties.

It was during one of these meditation sessions with my close friends that I experienced the calming and transcendental sound of the Tibetan Gong. This sound led me to reach a deep meditative state, sparking a desire to explore other sound healing products and therapies. I went on to discover the power of singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks during my meditation sessions.
Throughout my time spent using these instruments, a desire started to form within me to contribute to the world through the use of items like the frosted crystal singing bowl that I had come to love.

I knew what I needed to do, but it wasn’t until 2020 that an opportunity presented itself to open an online store.

Today, our spiritual holistic supply shop offers a gorgeous array of high-quality sound healing products to spiritual healers all over the world in a single spot.

Our Mission
Our mission is to develop a comprehensive spiritual holistic shop complete with products at
affordable prices, all with a desire to bring more joy, vitality, relaxation, and high vibrations in your life.

Our Spiritual Healing Products

Each product we sell is ethically sourced, chosen with love, and tested by us in-house to ensure its quality meets our high standards.

Our shop supplies virtually every spiritual holistic product you can imagine including healing crystals, healing tumbled stones, crystal clusters, geodes and carvings, frosted crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, incense and smudging products, tarot cards, candles, divination, crystal pendants, bracelets and so much more.

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I warmly invite you to explore our online store and I hope that you’ll feel the same joy and
enthusiasm for each product that I experience each time I touch their magic.

Have questions, concerns, or feedback regarding our products?

We’d love to hear them.

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Thank you for visiting us, and remember to always…

Evolve your body, mind, and Spirit!

Evolve Yourself!