How to program your crystals
Because I have a deep passion for crystals and their energy properties, I developed the habit of programming them energetically to increase their properties. Each crystal can be used to treat various ailments, to achieve certain meditative states or simply to create a more beautiful space. For me each crystal is unique and I like to program it for a specific purpose and increase its natural properties. I use a simple method for this, available to anyone; this method uses the power of intention (directed thought) and visualisation.
This simple method can be used even if you do not have any training in energy healing and here is how you can do it:
-After cleansing your crystal, hold it in your palms, close your eyes and set your intention to connect yourself energetically with the crystal, try to feel this connection( you can either visualise it or just feel that it is done). Once you feel that a connection has been made, use the power of your intention to program your crystal with the desired properties or purpose. I usually program my crystals to enhance their natural properties ten times more and for some of them, I am adding new desired properties. You can either speak with them in a form of specific affirmations or just visualise your intention in the form of energy entering into the stones.
Try to program your crystals and you will benefit even more from their magical power in your life.
This is just one of the methods of crystal programming, there are various other methods and I encourage you to look for one that resonates with you.
Hope this information helps you to create more connection with your crystals and to benefit more from their healing properties.
If you have any other questions regarding this process, feel free to message us and I will do my best to help you.
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Much Love,
Elena xoxo
November 02, 2021 — Elena Balan
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