Creating your smudging ceremony
Smudging was used for thousands of years, either for purifying the air from viruses, repel the insects, as an aid in the healing ceremonies, or in the spiritual ceremonies. Different types of herbs, woods, or raisins were used, depending on the local flora, environment, and beliefs.
Whatever you decide to use when smudging, you have to make sure that you are setting up a safe environment.
First of all open the windows, this will allow the air to ventilate and will also allow the stagnant energies to be released outside. Make sure that you have everything you need at hand, such as:
  • a fireproof container ( such as a bowl, abalone shell, or anything you fancy, just check if it is 100% fireproof).
  • a candle/matches or lighter, I personally prefer to light up a candle, this allows me to "refresh" the smudging tool.
  • your choice of smudging tool, I prefer sage and Palo Santo as I really enjoy their smell.
  • incense charcoal if you are burning herbs or raisins


You can also set up your special smudging place, like an altar, where you can keep all of your smudging products.
Before beginning the smudging ceremony is good to set your intention or to say a prayer. This can be a personal choice of words, depending on what you want to achieve when smudging, or you can use prayers used in the shamanic rituals or other smudging rituals. I personally prefer affirmations that I am repeating during the smudging in every room, around the objects that I want to cleanse, or around my aura.
After finishing smudging I usually say a "thank you" prayer to express my gratitude for having a clear space/object/aura.
Please do not forget to make sure that you had properly extinguished your smudging tool to avoid any fire.
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Hope this information is helping you and if you have any question, please feel free to message us!
Loads of Love,
Elena xoxo
November 18, 2021 — Elena Balan

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